Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chit Chat

I wanted to take a few minutes to jot down some of the cute things my silly kids are saying these days.  I know one day, sooner than I would like, they will be so grown up that they won't say these funny things anymore. 

~When Jack first started getting good at walking, one day Kate exclaimed, "Look, Jack is walking!  He's so proud of us!"  Meaning that we are so proud of him :)
~Kate asked me what color her baby was and I told her she is peach.  She now reffers to this baby as "Peaches"
~Everytime I ask Kate not to do something naughty her reply is " Yes, I DO want to make a mess"  or "Yes, I DO want to jump on the couch"  Like I don't understand that she really wants to do whatever it is.

~She spilled some milk on her stuffed monkey and said "Oh, dear.  Now monkey is ruined."  She sounded like a sad little old lady.  She has since used "Oh, dear" when accidents happen, cracks me up!
~Todd was trying to get the kids to coming inside one evening and he told them to hurry so the mosquitos wouldn't bite them.  Now Ellie warns everyone who goes into our backyard that they should hurry back inside so the 'beetos' won't get you.
~I had the house door to the garage open while I was getting the kids out of their carseats and Ellie tells me, "close the door, you are letting the cold air out".  Think she got that one from my watt-watching husband :)

While my little man may have been slow to walk, he certainly is ahead of the game when it comes to talking.  He has so many new words that I am not even going to begin to try to list them.  Lets just say the boy talks a lot!  He can point to and name everyone in our family including the dogs, but he can't get Kate.  He calls both of the girls Ellie.  If I say where is Kate?  He knows who she is and will point or walk over to her but still calls her Ellie.  This is funny to me because it seems like Kate is easier to say than Ellie.  He also loves to sing.  He doesn't get the words right but he sings several songs that other people can recognize and he does the motions.  Some of his favorites are ring around the rosey, the wheels on the bus, ABCs, and the itsy bitsy spider.  He has also started to say poo poo and tap his hiney when he has a poo poo diaper.  Maybe he will be easier to potty train with all the exposer he has gotten from his sisters?  Jack is also into to finding noses recently.  He will point to his, poke the dogs', point to baby dolls', etc and shout 'nose'!  We are trying to work on other facial features, but he really likes noses :)
This is a strange mask that Todd scored at Kroger for 29 cents.  I thought it would freak them out, but they loved it!  They ran around laughing for at least an hour!

Both of the girls still say 'hold you' when they want Todd or I to hold them.  And they call their swim suits their swimming costumes.  They have also been having some rather ridiculous disagreements.  In the past 3 days they have argued to the point of screaming about who in our family has blond hair or brown hair, who is the oldest and youngest, and who is big and who is little.  I am not sure why they get so fired up about these things, but the teenage years are likely to be rough around here :/

 *I recently added instagram to my phone and included some pics from my phone in this post.  Kind of random, but thought I might as well add them :)

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