Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fire Station Fun

 The Friday before Easter we had the chance to visit a fire station with our friends Landon, McKenna, and Alison.  We went the Addison station and all the fire fighters were so friendly and nice.  They actually seemed excited to be showing a group of toddlers around.  Several of them joined us for the tour and posed for pictures and goofed around with the kids.  It was a great experience and we have already decided that we should come back next year when the kids will understand a little more about fire safety and what the fire fighters truly do. 

here we go!

trying on the big fire boots

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The End of an Era

I am officailly finished breast feeding.  This may seem like a strange post, but nursing my babies has been such a wonderful experience for me and I am kind of sad.  It is just another thing reminding me that our sweet boy is leaving the baby stage.  I nursed the girls for about a year (Kate stopped at 11 months and Ellie just after 12 months) and Jack until he was 13 1/2 months.  With Jack I kept thinking how he would ever wean, but eventually it was just for nap and bedtime, and then just for bedtime, then every other night, and then that was it.  I still rock him for nap and at bedtime because I love that time with him so much.  So I apologize if this post was to much information, but I wanted to document the end of this time.  I have been pregnant and/or breast feeding since Febuary of 2009!  I guess it is time to give my body a break.  I'll end with a few pictures of Jack snuggled up with me right after I had nursed him when he was two weeks old.