Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday Boy

Good morning Mommy, I am one!

On February 24 Jack turned one!  It has been a busy, crazy, wonderful year.  This little boy has brought so much joy, love and happiness to our lives.  He is still a sweet, easy going little guy although now he has something to say when things don't go his way.  If one of the girls takes something he is playing with or if you eat in front of him without sharing he will shout, not cry or fuss really, but shout like he is saying "hey you!"  On Jack's birthday we decided to make our first family trip to get frozen yogurt.  I thought it would be something low-key that I knew all 3 kids would love.  I was right.  Todd's parents were in town so they came with us to help out since Todd is little help with his gimp knee :) 
Someone got a little tired on the way there

Ellie and Kate digging in

A little bit about our boy at 12 months:

-He loves the Layla and Day-Z (our dogs) and can't stay away from them.  He is always touching them, pulling ears and tails, and trying to climb on them.  They are not crazy about this, so they don't spend much time in the same room as us during the day.
-He loves Mommy!  This of course makes my heart melt.  Ellie and Kate at this age were all about Daddy, so it is nice for me this time around.  He loves to snuggle with me and be held.  He will crawl all the way across the room saying "mama, mama, mama" until he gets to my lap :)
-He is very verbal and says mama, dada, bite, baby, hi, bye, uh-oh, thank you and is working on Layla and Day-Z.
-He is a pretty good eater, much better than the girls were at 1.  He wants whatever anyone else is eating.  So when he is sitting at the table with the girls he eats the same things.  Some of his favorites are strawberries, peas, chicken, grilled cheese, quesidillas, mac and cheese, spaghetti, turkey, grapes, banana, cinnamon bread, goldfish and life cereal.
-He has been stealing sips of cow milk from the girls' cups for months and likes it.  I started giving him his own cup of milk but he rarely finishes it.
-Jack is still nursing 3 times a day.  Morning, nap, and bedtime.  I think it is more for comfort and snuggle time when he is tired than for nutrition at this point.
-He is sleeping from about 9:30pm to 8:30 am most nights, but still wakes up once 1 or 2 times a week.
-He is very mobile and all over the place.  He can pull up and cruise around and crawls pretty fast.  The gate to the stairs was left open when I was taking the girls up for bath and I found out that he is also quite good and climbing the stairs!
-Jack LOVES to be outside.  When the weather warmed up we started going outside to play a couple times a day and he cannot get enough of it.  Now he will crawl to the bay window, back door, or front door and yell to be let out.  It will be so nice when he can walk and I don't have to worry as much about him eating things :)
-Loves trying to get in the dishwasher, getting into drawers and cabinets, and climbing up the stairs if the gate ever gets left open
-Jack is wear size 3 diapers and is wearing mostly 12 months clothes (some 9 month pants if they are really long)
-He has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom

I am sure there are things I am forgetting about, but this is our handsome baby boy in a nutshell.  We love, love, love you baby Jack.  (Although now that you are one we are going to work on not calling you 'baby' Jack anymore :) )

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