Friday, March 2, 2012

12 Month Check-Up

I took Jack to see Dr. Burns on Wednesday for his 12 month check-up.  He was having a great time playing in the mirror, getting weighed, and waving at everyone.  And then the actual check-up part started and he wanted nothing to do with it.  Having to be still so she could listen to his heart, check his ears, count his teeth, etc made him really angry!  I think this was the most mad I have ever seen him get.  I did not expect him to react like that at all.  After all that you can imagine how being pinned down for the shots went.  They needed an extra nurse! 

Here are his Stats
weight: 19lb 11oz  (10%)
height: 29 3/4in  (25%)*

*I am not sure if the nurse read the chart wrong or what, but I do not think 25% is right for the height.  I tried to look at some charts online, they were all a little different, but none of them put that height at anything under the 50%.  So who knows.

I guess I got my wish and my little baby is going to stay my sweet, tiny baby for now.  I am sure he will be much bigger than me someday, so I will happily snuggle my little string bean now!  After all that trauma we came home, calmed down, and enjoyed one of Jack's favorite meals, spaghetti.

Birthday party post with pictures coming soon!

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