Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been meaning to write about Ellie and Kate's first day of preschool.  They have now gone four times, so I guess it is time to fill you in on how it has been going.  Their first day was August 30, they go every Tuesday from 9am to 2pm.  I had mixed emotions about sending my babies the first day.  It was hard to imagine spending 5 hours without them, but I knew it would be good for them, and good for Jack and me to spend some one on one time together.  So Monday night was spent packing lunches, labeling blankies, preparing nap mats and backpacks, and laying out 'first day of school' outfits.  Todd went in to work late that day so we could take them together for their first day.  After 4 weeks, and doing as much as I can the night before, it still takes over an hour to get everyone up, fed, dressed, and into the car.  I had great plans to get a bunch of pictures, but these were the only decent ones I had time to get.

Once we got to school, we put their belongings in their bin and waved bye-bye.  Here are their little back-pack bins.  (Ellie even found the one with her name!)

 Ellie was a little unsure about things and I think Kate was just eager to play with all the new things.  They both fussed a little when we dropped them off, but I think I was more upset than they were.  I felt like I had tricked them.  I have never dropped them off anywhere and then left.  I really don't think they understood what was going on that first day, but now they sure do.  When I came to pick them up, I was so happy to see them!  I got two big hugs and smiles ear to ear.  Once we were in the car driving home, I asked the girls if they had fun at school.  Ellie just gave me a look like, you better not leave me there again, but Kate exclaimed, "happy school! Happy school!"  So I know someone had a good time :)  Drop off the second week was much harder than the first!  I didn't have Todd with me, so I put Kate and Ellie in the double stroller, hook two back-packs, two lunch boxes, and two nap mats on to the stroller handles and strap Jack into the baby bjorn.  I get all kinds of looks and have to open both of the double doors to get into the building.  All the while Kate is crying for her blankie and Ellie is saying, "No school, no school".  It is very sad.  But on both the first and second day I called the school's director about a half hour after drop off and she checked on them and said they were happily participating.  So I know they are having fun, socializing and learning so much!  Each week they do circle time, arts and crafts, music class, chapel, and romp (in-door play area).  We get newsletters telling us about the curriculum.  They list books and topics and the color, shape, and letter they are currently working on.  Here are some of their art projects:
Can you tell how much they enjoyed the hats?

Ellie actually wore her hat to bed and I had to sneak in and get it after she fell asleep.

They made these fall trees by stamping a balloon in paint.  How fun! 

Glitter names.  These are on the fridge and they love pointing to their 'shiny name' as they call it.

So that is the update on Preschool for now.  Each week they get a little better about not crying when I drop them off.  This last Tuesday, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Ellie started saying, "no school, go to Target".  Apparently I take the girls there a little too often :)

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