Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date Night

This weekend Todd and I went to a couples shower for one of Todd's friends.  It was at a wine bar in Grapevine and we really enjoyed the evening.  We have had opportunities to get out and about without the children when Todd's parents come to visit and we always appreciate it.  But this was our first real 'date night', where we weren't wearing t-shirts and shorts, since Jack was born.  I made Todd pose for a picture together before we left.

And this has nothing to do with our date night, but it is pretty cute!  When I was pregnant with Jack I found this spider costume on sale for $0.99!  Well tonight I saw it hanging in his closet and realized it is a 0-6 month size.  So I thought I better try it on him and at least take a picture.  Here is our itsy, bitsy, spider :)

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