Sunday, December 2, 2012

K & E are 3!

My fun, silly, sweet, girlies are 3 years old!  I cannot believe how they have transformed into little people all of a sudden.  The things they say crack me up.  Kate and Ellie have finally accepted that they are twins and will be together a lot, so they may as well get along.  In the last 6 months they have really started to play and pretend together so much more.  I love seeing their friendship grow, and most of the time when you ask them they will say they are eachothers' best friend.  One time that I wish they would play together less is nap and bedtime.  Ellie and Kate are still in their cribs and never try to climb out, so we are in no hurry to switch to big girl beds.  While they are in their room together they spends hours playing, talking, singing, and tossing their babies and stuffed animals back and forth.  Tonight I was watching them on the monitor and they were playing picnic and trying to spread a blanket across their two beds to make a table.  They didn't settle down and get quiet until 10:45!  I am so glad that they are becoming so close, but they still could not be more different.  Here is a little bit about each of my twins.

Is almost 2 inches and 2 pounds bigger that Kate right now and wear a half size bigger in shoes.  She is my quiet, serious, polite little girl.  She loves puzzles, books, helping mommy, and Max and Ruby.  Ellie is so smart, she can spell her name and knows all 26 letters and most of the sounds they make.  She has memorized at least 10 of her favorite books and can 'read' them to us word for word.  She loves her white (now a dingy greyish) bunny.  His name is Bun and he goes pretty much everywhere and sleeps with her.  In the past few weeks she has started telling me she want to be a Daddy when she grows up.  But she says she will be a beautiful Daddy who is a girl.  She also refers to herself as Bun's daddy.  I realize it is a little odd, but she LOVES Todd so much, that is makes since to me.

Is my spunky, loud, sweet, spirited little girl.  She loves to test all rules and see what she can get away with.  She is FULL of questions and is always asking why?  Why that man wearing a hat?  Why are Layla's eyes brown?  Why does the mail man have a pony tail?  Why is that truck green?  Why, why, why!?  Can you tell it makes me a little crazy sometimes? :)  She is also quite chatty and will ask anyone what their name is.  Kate LOVES babies.  She has about 40 baby dolls ranging from 2 inches tall to two feet tall.  When she wants to be, she is very sweet and nurturing.  She will kiss your boo-boos to make them better or cover you with a blankie if you don't feel well. Kate still likes to be held and snuggled a lot and needs several blankies while sitting on the couch or in bed.  She loves her little brother and generally plays so sweetly with him.  She will show him how to do things, read books to him, offer her hand to help him climb up on the couch. 

We are so lucky to have two perfecly unique and amazing little girls.  I cannot imagine life any other way!

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