Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack's 18 month check up

This is a little late, but I wanted to squeeze it in before I got into pumpkins and birthdays :)

My little Jack is growing up!  Everyday he surprises me with his silly little personality.  He has become a little more mischievious recently, but is still the sweetest boy I know.  Through out the day he randomly comes over to hug me or snuggle up in my lap, he says 'I love you' when I put him in bed or when Todd leaves for work, he is just a sweetheart!  Jack is also starting to get a lot better and speaking in sentences and phrases.  Just tonight he told me, "No, I don't like milk" because he wanted me to put juice in his cup :)  In the last few months Ellie, Kate, and Jack have all started playing together more and more.  I never thought this day would come, for the longest time they just seemed to prefer doing their own things, and struggled with sharing and being kind to one another.  I am super excited to watch as they grow, learn, and play together.  They were playing doctor yesterday for at least 20 minutes.  Each of them would take a turn being the patient while the other two checked their ears, heart, and eyes.  Todd was home too and we just smiled to eachother as we watched them.   Some of Jack's favorite things these days are coloring, dogs, unfortunately his paci, his blankie and dog lovey, grapes, strawberries, yogurt covered raisins, cookies, being outside, singing, swinging, and super why.

playing together!

busy in his outdoor office :)
Jack is a bit of a ham when we are out places and the doctor's office is no exception.  He greet everyone, always smiling and saying hi!  When Dr. Burns was checking him out he just calmly sat on my lap and let her check everything out.  Never fussed once, Dr. Burns actually said it was the easiest 18 month check up she had done in years.  Then it was time for the shots.  He got two in one leg and one in the other and cried quite a bit :(  But when the nurse who gave him the shots was leaving the room he sucked up his tears enough to say bye bye to her and blow her a kiss!  Is that forgiveness or what?! 
Here are Jack's 18 Month Stats:
Hieght: 33in (75%)
Weight: 23.9lb (25%)

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