Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jack is 15 Months Old

Our lovable little guy is 15 months old.  I took him in for his check up yesterday and Dr. Burns was pleased with his growth and development and commented on how smart and chatty he is :)  Jack still isn't walking, but she watched him climb on and off the bench, cruise around, and walk holding mommy's hand.  She said him not walking is a choice and when he chooses to, he will walk.  If she isn't concrened, then I am not either.  It is probably part my fault becuase he loves to snuggle me, so I do hold him a lot.  So here are is stats:
Weight : 21 lb 6oz  (18%)
Height: 32 in (70%)

Who is that handsome boy?
Super excited about his first lollipop!

-eating everyone's food.  As soon as he sees someone with food, he hustles over and begs.  "Bite, bite, bite"
-being outside
-strawberries, bananas, blueberries, apples, grilled chicken, black beans, peas, all crackers and cookies, milk, drinkable yogurt
-using a fork.  Jack can now use a fork to eat his strawberries and chicken, but he gets frustrated trying to stab beans or peas, but won't use a spoon.
-his sisters.  Although they are sometimes not too pleased with his idea playing.
-being held/snuggled by mommy
-kisses.  Jack just started making kissey noises and actually leaning in to give kisses.  It is the best!
-his blankie that grammie made for him
-climbing the stairs and couch and trying to climb in the dishwasher
-playing ball.  Rolling and throwing with daddy.
-dogs, ours and everyone else's :)
-singing.  He 'sings' to the tune of the abc's a lot.  It is pretty cute!
-ring around the rosie.  He recently started to crawl in a circle around me while 'singing' and then he will stop, sit, and throw his arms in the air and say 'down!'  It took me a few moments to realize he was playing ring around the rosie! I can never catch it on camera, but I am still trying!

Wearing mostly 12 month or 9-12 month clothes and sometimes 12-18 month tops.  He wears size 3 diapers.  He has 7 teeth, with two top molars and one more bottom tooth on the way.  He sleeps for about 11 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.
He has become very chatty and seems to pick up new words everyday.  Here are most of the words he says, but I am sure I will forget a few.
-mama, dada, dog, ball, bite, hi, bye-bye, ni-night, nana (banana), gabba, that? (what is that?), down, go, moo (for cow), neigh (for horse and most other animals), quack, car, uh-oh, and he recently started saying "oh, no!"

-having his hair washed, face cleaned, nose wiped
-when Kate or Ellie steal something from him
-diaper changes!
-I don't think he likes shoes, he is always taking them off.  But maybe it is just fun to play with velcro?
-when I tell him no

That pretty much sums up our sweet baby Jack.  He is still one happy little boy and makes us smile everyday.  We love you bunches, Jack!

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