Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

We decided to travel to San Antonio for Thanksgiving this year.  It was quite the road trip.  We left Dallas around 11 am and arrived at my parents house shortly before 8pm.  It was one LONG day.  There were lots of snacks, toys, games, DVDs, crying, and stops along the way.  But once we arrived everyone settled down and went to bed by 10.  It was the girls first time to sleep in pack n plays, and we were a little worried about how they would react and if they would try to climb out, but they did just fine.  Over all the trip was great!  We had so much fun with Grammie and Papa and their little dog Bella.  The girls were fascinated with such a small dog and gave her more attention than I think she wanted.  While we were in town we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, did some shopping, visited family and just hung out.  My mom and I also went to see the newest Twlight movie, which was a treat because I don't often get to the movies.

On Thanksgiving day my mom prepared a wonderful meal.  My aunts, cousin and grandmother came over and we had a nice afternoon.  Unfortunately the yummy meal conflicted with nap time, so the girls missed out on some of the fun.  But it was nice to see everyone.  My Aunt had not met the kids yet because she had been living in Italy and my Grandma had not seen the girls since they were babies.

She held out as long as she could.

Shortly after, the other two crashed.

Jack with Great Grandma Shepherd

Our attempt at a family photo
Overall it was a great trip and everyone enjoyed all the quality family time.  I think we may wait a little while before making the drive again though.  Here are a few more pictures from our time at Grammie and Papa's house.
Someone had a hard time sleeping in his crib.

Showing off her new 'shiny shoes', hat, and mittens

Jr. fire fighter Jack with fire fighter Papa


Daddy's nap time

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