Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Silly Kate

I realize this is quite delayed, but here is my post about our energetic, silly, smiley Kate.  Since the day she was born Kate has always been one to make silly faces.  As a baby she was the more laid back twin.  She could be put down awake and soothe herself to sleep, was happy to sit back in a bouncy seat, and was overall a more content baby than Ellie.  Since she turned 2 the tables have turned!  She is a wild woman these days.  She is a pro at pushing people's buttons.  She loves to get Ellie worked up by 'stealing' toys from her and running.  She has no interest in the toy, but loves to be chased and upsetting her sister.  She is a sneaky little monkey.  Kate is always peering over her shoulder with a smirk as she does something mischievous.  Although she is a bit of a stinker, she is also incredibly sweet and loveable.  Kate gives the most kisses and loves to be held and snuggled.  I can count on her to make me laugh each and every day!

-jumping.  When she was a baby she loved the jumperoo and she still loves jumping and bouncing around the house today, especially in our new bounce house.)
-being chased (she loves to share snacks with the dogs and then gets them to chase her around for the rest)
-bath time
-sweets (cookies and ice cream)
-playing with her babies
-saying no to everything
-dancing whenever she hears music
-making messes and getting dirty
-being outside
-grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches

Things she is not a fan of:
-having her hair washed or teeth brushed
-most veggies except for peas and beans
-when Jack touches her toys
-riding in her carseat or stroller

Kate didn't talk quite as much as Ellie until recently.  Her vocabulary has really taken off and she is talking and singing so much more now. (And we can tell what she is saying now :) )
Here are some of her cute phrases:
-"my turn next" she says this anytime she sees me doing something, cooking, putting make-up on, etc
-lips (mommy's chapstick or lipgloss)
-bite or 'seep' anytime anyone is eating or drinking in front of her
-'mo more' -meaning one more, she has to have two of anything you give her
-"hold you" when she wants mommy to pick her up
-sings head, shoulders, knees and toes
-sings the ABCs

Less than an hour old.  First time in Mommy's arms.

Kate is our little dare devil.  She is funny, smart, and very active.  She makes the silliest faces, gives the best kisses, and is our little 'cheerio'.  (that is the nick name Todd gave her in the hospital when she was born and it has stuck!)  We love you so much Kate, Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!!

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